MASRSTtpHwDeviceObserver Class Reference

class MASRSTtpHwDeviceObserver

Class which defines callback functions. Client must implement this in order to receive callbacks.


Member Functions Documentation

MathdoConfigurationData(TUint32, TUint32, TUint32, TUint32)

HBufC8 * MathdoConfigurationData ( TUint32 aPackageType,
TUint32 aPackageID,
TUint32 aStartPosition = 0,
TUint32 aEndPosition =  KMaxTUint32
) [pure virtual]

Callback function to load configuration data. Client provides an implementation.


TUint32 aPackageType Type identifier.
TUint32 aPackageID Package identifier.
TUint32 aStartPosition = 0 First byte.
TUint32 aEndPosition =  KMaxTUint32 Last byte. If greater than the size of the data, rest of the data is given.

MathdoWordListReady(const TInt)

void MathdoWordListReady ( const TInt aError ) [pure virtual]

Callback function to notify that word list is converted. Client provides an implementation.


const TInt aError Error code, KErrNone if successful.