CCalIter Class Reference

class CCalIter : public CBase

An iterator for iterating though all the entries in the calendar store.

This may be used by a synchronisation application to iterate all entries in the file to find entries that have been added\deleted between two synchronisations.

The application must not create the entry view or instance view while iterating through the entries.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation


CCalIter ( ) [private]


IMPORT_C ~CCalIter ( )

Member Functions Documentation

ConstructL(CCalSession &)

void ConstructL ( CCalSession & aSession ) [private]


CCalSession & aSession


IMPORT_C const TDesC8 & FirstL ( )

NewL(CCalSession &)

IMPORT_C CCalIter * NewL ( CCalSession & aSession ) [static]


CCalSession & aSession


IMPORT_C const TDesC8 & NextL ( )

Member Data Documentation

CCalIteratorImpl * iCalIteratorImpl

CCalIteratorImpl * iCalIteratorImpl [private]