CCalenAttachmentUtils Class Reference

class CCalenAttachmentUtils : public CBase

Attachment utils used for attachment support

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Member Functions Documentation

FetchAnyFileL(TFileName &, MAknFileSelectionObserver *, MAknFileFilter *)

IMPORT_C TBool FetchAnyFileL ( TFileName & aFileName,
MAknFileSelectionObserver * aVerifier = NULL,
MAknFileFilter * aFilter = NULL
) [static]

Fetches an any attachment file from external application.


TFileName & aFileName OUT: filename of the fetched file.
MAknFileSelectionObserver * aVerifier = NULL To verify selection.
MAknFileFilter * aFilter = NULL To filter shown files.

FetchExistingL(TMediaFileType, CDesCArray &, TBool, MMGFetchVerifier *)

TBool FetchExistingL ( TMediaFileType aFileType,
CDesCArray & aSelectedFiles,
TBool aMultiSelect,
MMGFetchVerifier * aVerifier
) [private, static]

Fetch the file which is already existing


TMediaFileType aFileType Type of the file to be fetched
CDesCArray & aSelectedFiles selecetd files after fetching
TBool aMultiSelect for selecting multile files/or single file
MMGFetchVerifier * aVerifier verifier for call back if file is selected

FetchFileL(TCalenAttachmentFileType, CDesCArray &, CAiwGenericParamList *, TBool, TBool, MMGFetchVerifier *)

IMPORT_C TBool FetchFileL ( TCalenAttachmentFileType aType,
CDesCArray & aSelectedFiles,
CAiwGenericParamList * aParams,
TBool aCheckDiskSpace = EFalse,
TBool aMultiSelect = EFalse,
MMGFetchVerifier * aVerifier = NULL
) [static]

Fetches an attachment of given type from external application.


TCalenAttachmentFileType aType Fetch type.
CDesCArray & aSelectedFiles OUT: array of selected files.
CAiwGenericParamList * aParams Generic AIW parameters
TBool aCheckDiskSpace = EFalse
TBool aMultiSelect = EFalse if ETrue Media Gallery allows multiselect in file list.
MMGFetchVerifier * aVerifier = NULL To verify selection.

FetchNoteL(CDesCArray &)

TBool FetchNoteL ( CDesCArray & aSelectedFiles ) [private, static]

Fetches notes from notepad app

aSelectedFiles has selected files


CDesCArray & aSelectedFiles

GetCalenEditorTempPath(TFileName &, const TDesC *)

IMPORT_C void GetCalenEditorTempPath ( TFileName & aTempPath,
const TDesC * aFileName = NULL
) [static]

Returns temp path used by calendar unified editor and optionally appends file name to it.


TFileName & aTempPath generated temp path and filename.
const TDesC * aFileName = NULL optionally appended file name.

GetFileNameFromBuffer(TFileName &, const TDesC &, TInt, const TDesC *)

void GetFileNameFromBuffer ( TFileName & aFileName,
const TDesC & aBuffer,
TInt aMaxLength,
const TDesC * aExt = NULL
) [private, static]

Generates a legal filename from given text buffer.


TFileName & aFileName OUT: generated filename.
const TDesC & aBuffer text buffer.
TInt aMaxLength maximum length for filename.
const TDesC * aExt = NULL optional file extension.

GetFileSizeL(const TDesC &)

IMPORT_C TInt GetFileSizeL ( const TDesC & aFileName ) [static]

Gets file size in bytes based on the file name


const TDesC & aFileName name of the file of which size is required


IMPORT_C TDataType GetMimeType ( RFile aFile ) [static]

Gets mime type of the given file handle


RFile aFile

GetMimeTypeL(const TDesC &)

IMPORT_C TDataType GetMimeTypeL ( const TDesC & aFileName ) [static]

Gets mime type of the given file name


const TDesC & aFileName name of the file

OpenAttachmentL(RFile &, MAknServerAppExitObserver &)

IMPORT_C void OpenAttachmentL ( RFile & file,
MAknServerAppExitObserver & aExitObserver
) [static]

Opens the attachment


RFile & file
MAknServerAppExitObserver & aExitObserver Exit observer that listens for exiting from the attahcment viewer

SaveAttachmentL(RFile &, MAknServerAppExitObserver &)

IMPORT_C TInt SaveAttachmentL ( RFile & aFile,
MAknServerAppExitObserver & aExitObserver
) [static]

Saves attachment either to the phone memory or memory card as chosen by the user


RFile & aFile
MAknServerAppExitObserver & aExitObserver Exit observer that listens for exiting from the save UI dialogs

Member Enumerations Documentation

Enum TCalenAttachmentFileType


EUnknown = 0