CImMobilityPolicyPlugin Class Reference

class CImMobilityPolicyPlugin : public CBase

ECOM interface definition for implementations of the messaging mobility plugin policy provider.

Inherits from

Constructor & Destructor Documentation


CImMobilityPolicyPlugin ( ) [protected, inline]

Class constructor.


~CImMobilityPolicyPlugin ( ) [inline, virtual]

Class destructor. Destroy the ECOM implementation

Member Functions Documentation


void Cancel ( TMsvId aService ) [pure virtual]


TMsvId aService

MigrationComplete(TMsvId, TImMigrateComplete, TAccessPointInfo)

void MigrationComplete ( TMsvId aService,
TImMigrateComplete aMigrateCode,
TAccessPointInfo aNewIap
) [pure virtual]


TMsvId aService
TImMigrateComplete aMigrateCode
TAccessPointInfo aNewIap


CImMobilityPolicyPlugin * NewL ( ) [static, inline]

Static factory constructor.

PreferredCarrierAvailable(MImMobilityPolicyHandler &, TMsvId, TUid, const TDesC8 &, TAccessPointInfo, TAccessPointInfo, TBool, TBool)

void PreferredCarrierAvailable ( MImMobilityPolicyHandler & aMobilityManager,
TMsvId aService,
TUid aMtmUid,
const TDesC8 & aProgress,
TAccessPointInfo aOldIap,
TAccessPointInfo aNewIap,
TBool aIsUpgrade,
TBool aIsSeamless
) [pure virtual]


MImMobilityPolicyHandler & aMobilityManager
TMsvId aService
TUid aMtmUid
const TDesC8 & aProgress
TAccessPointInfo aOldIap
TAccessPointInfo aNewIap
TBool aIsUpgrade
TBool aIsSeamless

Member Data Documentation

TUid iDtor_ID_Key

TUid iDtor_ID_Key [private]