TPbk2ImageManagerParams Class Reference

class TPbk2ImageManagerParams

Phonebook 2 image manager parameters.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation


IMPORT_C TPbk2ImageManagerParams ( )

Default constructor.

Member Enumerations Documentation

Enum TFlags


EFlagsNull = 0
EScaleImage = 0x0001
EKeepAspectRatio = 0x0002
EUseFastScaling = 0x0004

Fast scaling of the image close, but not excactly to desired size (always keeps aspect ratio).

ECropImage = 0x0008
EUseSpeedOptimizedScaling = 0x0010

Member Data Documentation

TDisplayMode iDisplayMode

TDisplayMode iDisplayMode

Display mode for the loaded bitmap. Default = EColor16M.

TUint iFlags

TUint iFlags

Assorted flags, TFlags . Default = EFlagsNull .

TInt iFrameNumber

TInt iFrameNumber

Number of the frame to read. Default = 0.

TSize iSize

TSize iSize

Desired size for the bitmap.

TInt32 iSpare1

TInt32 iSpare1 [private]

TInt32 iSpare2

TInt32 iSpare2 [private]