TContactIter Class Reference

class TContactIter

Iterates through the sorted contact items in a contact database.

A value of KNullContactId is returned by the iterator if a requested item cannot be found.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TContactIter(CContactDatabase &)

IMPORT_C TContactIter ( CContactDatabase & aDatabase )

Constructs the object with a contact database.


CContactDatabase & aDatabase The contact database over which to iterate.

Member Functions Documentation


IMPORT_C TContactItemId FirstL ( )

Moves to the first contact item in the database.


void GotoIndexL ( TInt aPos ) [private]


TInt aPos


IMPORT_C void GotoL ( TContactItemId aContactId )

Moves to the specified contact item.


TContactItemId aContactId A contact item ID. Must not have a value of KNullContactId, or the function raises a panic.


IMPORT_C TContactItemId LastL ( )

Moves to the last contact item in the database.


IMPORT_C TContactItemId NextL ( )

Moves to the next contact item in the database.

On a newly initialised TContactIter , this function moves to the first item.


IMPORT_C TContactItemId PreviousL ( )

Moves to the previous contact item in the database.

Note: you must not call this function on a newly initialised database, otherwise the function raises a panic.


IMPORT_C void Reset ( )

Resets the iterator to its initialised state, so that a subsequent call to NextL() goes to the first item.

Member Data Documentation

TContactItemId iCursorId

TContactItemId iCursorId [private]

CContactDatabase & iDatabase

CContactDatabase & iDatabase [private]