CWAPISecuritySettings Class Reference

class CWAPISecuritySettings : public CBase

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation


IMPORT_C ~CWAPISecuritySettings ( )


Member Functions Documentation

DeleteAPSpecificDataL(const TInt)

IMPORT_C void DeleteAPSpecificDataL ( const TInt aId )

Delete AP related data from certificate database tables


const TInt aId Service table id

EditL(CWAPISecuritySettingsUi &, const TDesC &)

IMPORT_C TInt EditL ( CWAPISecuritySettingsUi & aUi,
const TDesC & aTitle

Edit WAPI certificate settings.


CWAPISecuritySettingsUi & aUi UI to be used.
const TDesC & aTitle Title Pane text to display during edit.


IMPORT_C TBool IsValid ( ) const

Tells if the settings are valid and can be saved

LoadL(TUint32, CMDBSession &)

IMPORT_C void LoadL ( TUint32 aIapRecordId,
CMDBSession & aSession

Load WAPI certificate settings and configuration from database.


TUint32 aIapRecordId
CMDBSession & aSession Commsdat session


IMPORT_C CWAPISecuritySettings * NewL ( ) [static]

Two-phased constructor. Leaves on failure.

SaveL(TUint32, CMDBSession &)

IMPORT_C void SaveL ( TUint32 aIapRecordId,
CMDBSession & aSession
) const

Save WAPI certificate settings of the IAP to the database.


TUint32 aIapRecordId
CMDBSession & aSession Commsdat session

SetPreSharedKeyL(const TWapiKeyFormat, const TDesC &)

IMPORT_C void SetPreSharedKeyL ( const TWapiKeyFormat aKeyFormat,
const TDesC & aPreSharedKey

Sets the Pre-shared key. Also sets Authentication method to PSK.


const TWapiKeyFormat aKeyFormat Key format
const TDesC & aPreSharedKey The key to be set

Member Enumerations Documentation

Enum TEvent


ENone = 0x0000
EModified = 0x0001
EValid = 0x0010
EExitReq = 0x0020
EShutDownReq = 0x0040

Enum TWapiKeyFormat


EWapiKeyAscii = 0
EWapiKeyHex = 1

Member Data Documentation

CWAPISecuritySettingsImpl * iImpl

CWAPISecuritySettingsImpl * iImpl [private]