CIMCVMenuExtension Class Reference

class CIMCVMenuExtension : public CBase

Abstract interface for menuextensions. extension plugins can extend service tab menu by implementing a class derived from this.

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~CIMCVMenuExtension ( ) [inline, virtual]

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TInt CommandInfoResource ( ) const [pure virtual]

Gets STM_COMMAND_INFO_ARRAY resource. Resource should be loaded.


CIMCVMenuExtension * CreateImplementationL ( TUid aUid ) [static, inline]


TUid aUid

DynInitMenuPaneL(TInt, CEikMenuPane &, TUint)

void DynInitMenuPaneL ( TInt aPreviousId,
CEikMenuPane & aMenuPane,
TUint aServiceId
) [pure virtual]

Filters the menu pane of the plugin connected to this.


TInt aPreviousId Menu command id after which the plugins menu should come.
CEikMenuPane & aMenuPane Menu pane which will be filtered.
TUint aServiceId service id.

HandleCommandL(const TInt &)

TBool HandleCommandL ( const TInt & aCommand ) [pure virtual]

Handles service tab extension commands.


const TInt & aCommand

RegisterCommandMapper(MIMCVCommandMapper &)

void RegisterCommandMapper ( MIMCVCommandMapper & aMapper ) [pure virtual]

Registers command ID mapper. This method is called automatically by Servicetab menu extneions at initialization phase.


MIMCVCommandMapper & aMapper Command ID mapper

Member Data Documentation

TUid iDtor_ID_Key

TUid iDtor_ID_Key [private]

Instance identifier key. When instance of an implementation is created by ECOM framework, the framework will assign a UID for it. The UID is used in the destructor to notify framework that this instance is being destroyed and resources can be released. Plugin implementations should leave this untouched, as the inline destructor and constructor method take care of ECom releasing.