CTelLoggingExtension Class Reference

class CTelLoggingExtension : public CBase

Plugin interface class for manipulating telephony call logging.

S60 5.0

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation


~CTelLoggingExtension ( ) [inline, virtual]


Member Functions Documentation

GetMyAddress(RBuf &)

TInt GetMyAddress ( RBuf & aMyAddress ) [pure virtual]

Gets users own address for Logs application. Sets aMyAddress parameter as empty (KNullDesC) if valid users own address is not available. My address option will be visible in Logs when this parameter is available.


RBuf & aMyAddress - Address to be shown by Logs application "Show my address" option.

GetPhoneNumber(RBuf &)

TInt GetPhoneNumber ( RBuf & aPhoneNumber ) [pure virtual]

Gets phone number to be logged to Logs events phone number field. Sets aPhoneNumber parameter as empty (KNullDesC) if valid phone number is not available. Phone number have to be valid for GSM calls.


RBuf & aPhoneNumber - Number to be logged to the log events phone number field.

GetRemotePartyName(RBuf &)

TInt GetRemotePartyName ( RBuf & aRemotePartyName ) [pure virtual]

Gets remote party name. Remote party name (returned by plugin) will be shown on the logs event when contact matching not succeed nor call was not made as private/anonymous call (MT call, private address/number).


RBuf & aRemotePartyName - Remote party name.

GetVoipAddress(RBuf &)

TInt GetVoipAddress ( RBuf & aVoipAddress ) [pure virtual]

Gets VoIP address to be logged to Logs events VoIP address field. Sets aVoipAddress parameter as empty (KNullDesC) if valid VoIP address is not available.


RBuf & aVoipAddress - Address to be logged to the log events VoIP address field.

InitializeL(TUint, const TDesC &)

void InitializeL ( TUint aServiceId,
const TDesC & aOrigAddress
) [pure virtual]

Initialize CTelLoggingExtension after it is created with NewL.


TUint aServiceId - This id identify what service is currently used in call.
const TDesC & aOrigAddress - Original address.


CTelLoggingExtension * NewL ( TUid aImplementationUid ) [static, inline]
Creates new xSP plugin having the given UID.
Uses Leave code KErrNotFound if implementation is not found.


TUid aImplementationUid Implementation UID of the plugin to be created.

Member Data Documentation

TUid iDtor_ID_Key

TUid iDtor_ID_Key [private]

ECOM plugin instance UID.