CParserPropertyValueBinaryFile Class Reference

class CParserPropertyValueBinaryFile : public CParserPropertyValueBinary

A file property value parser.

It is used to store a file handle so that the binary data can be read through the handle when exporting. It is not used when importing. The UID for a binary property value is KVersitPropertyBinaryUid.

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Public Member Functions
~CParserPropertyValueBinaryFile ()
void ExternalizeL ( RWriteStream &, const Versit::TEncodingAndCharset &, TInt )
IMPORT_C CParserPropertyValueBinaryFile * NewL (const RFile &)
Private Member Functions
void ConstructL (const RFile &)
Inherited Functions
CBase::Delete(CBase *)
CBase::Extension_(TUint,TAny *&,TAny *)
CBase::operator new(TUint)
CBase::operator new(TUint,TAny *)
CBase::operator new(TUint,TLeave)
CBase::operator new(TUint,TLeave,TUint)
CBase::operator new(TUint,TUint)
CParserPropertyValue::Append(TDes16 &,TDesC8 &)
CParserPropertyValue::CParserPropertyValue(const TUid &)
CParserPropertyValue::EncodeL(CBufBase *,const TDesC8 &,const TUid &)const
CParserPropertyValue::FoldAndWriteValueToStreamL(RWriteStream &,const TDesC &,const Versit::TEncodingAndCharset &,TInt &)const
CParserPropertyValue::FoldEncodeAndWriteValueToStreamL(RWriteStream &,const CDesCArray *,const Versit::TEncodingAndCharset &,TInt &)const
CParserPropertyValue::FoldEncodeAndWriteValueToStreamL(RWriteStream &,const TDesC &,const Versit::TEncodingAndCharset &,TInt &)const
CParserPropertyValue::SetPlugIn(MVersitPlugIn *)
CParserPropertyValue::SupportsInterface(const TUid &)const
CParserPropertyValueBinary::CParserPropertyValueBinary(CBufSeg &)
CParserPropertyValueBinary::ConstructL(const TDesC8 &)
CParserPropertyValueBinary::ExternalizeL(RWriteStream &,const Versit::TEncodingAndCharset &,TInt,RReadStream &)
CParserPropertyValueBinary::NewL(const TDesC8 &)
CParserPropertyValueBinary::NewLC(const TDesC8 &)
Private Attributes
RFileReadStream iFileStream
Inherited Attributes

Constructor & Destructor Documentation


IMPORT_C ~CParserPropertyValueBinaryFile ( )

Frees all resources owned by the property value, prior to its destruction.

Member Functions Documentation

ConstructL(const RFile &)

void ConstructL ( const RFile & aFileHandle ) [private]


const RFile & aFileHandle

ExternalizeL(RWriteStream &, const Versit::TEncodingAndCharset &, TInt)

void ExternalizeL ( RWriteStream & aStream,
const Versit::TEncodingAndCharset & aEncodingCharset,
TInt aLengthOutput
) [virtual]

Externalises the binary data through the file handle into aStream.

Uses the encoding format specified in aEncodingCharset. (Any character set specified in aEncodingCharset is not used).


RWriteStream & aStream Stream into which the value is to be externalized.
const Versit::TEncodingAndCharset & aEncodingCharset Specifies the character set and encoding information. The encoding selected for a binary property value is Versit::EBase64Encoding.
TInt aLengthOutput The amount of text that has been output so far on the line (for the property name).

NewL(const RFile &)

IMPORT_C CParserPropertyValueBinaryFile * NewL ( const RFile & aFileHandle ) [static]

Allocates and constructs a new file property value with the file handle to the data.

The property value's UID will be set to KVersitPropertyBinaryUid.


const RFile & aFileHandle The file handle to the binary data.

Member Data Documentation

RFileReadStream iFileStream

RFileReadStream iFileStream [private]