CESMRPolicyManager Class Reference

class CESMRPolicyManager : public CBase

CESMRPolicyManager defines ESMR policymanager. ES MR policies are relates to different roles and task scenarions. Policies are used by user interface views and tasks. CESMRPolicyManager provides interface for accessing these policies. CESMRPolicyManager uses CCoeEnv .

CESMRPolicy esmrpolicy.lib

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation


CESMRPolicyManager ( ) [private]


IMPORT_C ~CESMRPolicyManager ( )

C++ destructor.

Member Functions Documentation


void ConstructL ( ) [private]


IMPORT_C CESMRPolicy & CurrentPolicy ( )

Fetches current policy object.


const CESMRPolicy & CurrentPolicy ( ) const


IMPORT_C CESMRPolicyManager * NewL ( ) [static]

Two-phased constructor. Creates new CESMRPolicyManager object. Ownership is transferred to caller.


IMPORT_C CESMRPolicy * PopPolicy ( )

Restores the topmost policy from the stack as the current policy.


IMPORT_C void PushPolicyL ( )

Adds the current policy on stack for preserving it if a new policy needs to be resolved and the current policy is still needed afterwards.

ResolvePolicyL(const TESMRScenarioData &, MESMRCalEntry &, MMRPolicyResolver *)

IMPORT_C void ResolvePolicyL ( const TESMRScenarioData & aScenarioData,
MESMRCalEntry & aESMREntry,
MMRPolicyResolver * aCustomResolver = NULL

Resolves policy to be used.


const TESMRScenarioData & aScenarioData Scenario Data for resolving correct policy
MESMRCalEntry & aESMREntry Reference to ES MR Entry.
MMRPolicyResolver * aCustomResolver = NULL to be used. If NULL, resolver is determined by policy manager

Member Data Documentation

CESMRPolicy * iCurrentPolicy

CESMRPolicy * iCurrentPolicy [private]

Current policy object Own.

RPointerArray< CESMRPolicy > iPolicyStack

RPointerArray < CESMRPolicy > iPolicyStack [private]

Array for preserving policies

MMRPolicyResolver * iResolverPlugin

MMRPolicyResolver * iResolverPlugin [private]

Current policy resolver. Own.