Resource management example: HelloWorldBasic

This section uses the HelloWorldBasic example provided to illustrate some of the basic issues associated with using resource files when making applications for the Symbian platform.

The HelloWorldBasic application, in addition to printing "Hello World!" on the screen, also demonstrates displaying text with Information Note and loading strings with the help of StringLoader, writing to and reading from a file and use of a dialog to inquire for user input. Furthermore, the HelloWorldBasic application has been localized to four different languages.


The application documentation is in the doc sub-folder.

For more information about resource files, see Managing resource files.


The example can be found in the examples folder, and can be compiled and run with the accompanying command line tools.

It is also recommended that you have a target device to which you can deploy the application.

The following sections explain the contents of the resource and registration resource files used in the HelloWorldBasic application: