You need to register your applications in order to make them visible to the application launcher and to provide other information to the underlying system. To register, you need to provide a registration resource file, typically named <application_name>_reg.rss, that contains the non-localized information for your application. This section contains an example of such a file.

For more information on registration files in general, see Registration.

For information on creating your own registration resource files, see Creating registration resource files.

#include "Helloworldbasic.rls"

This pre-processor statement adds the rls project file that controls the strings loaded for different languages based on the Symbian platform language setting to the preprocessing path. For more information on localization, see Internationalization and localization.

#include  <appinfo.rh>

This preprocessor statement adds the resource header file that provides the data structure used for the RESOURCE statement in this registration resource file.

#include  <HelloWorldBasic.rsg>

This preprocessor statement adds the generated resource header file for the HelloWorldBasic application to the preprocessor path to allow access to the R_HELLOWORLDBASIC_LOCALISABLE_APP_INFO resource.

UID2 KUidAppRegistrationResourceFile

This required statement defines the UID2 value for a registration resource file.

UID3 0xA000017F

This required statement defines the UID3 of the application.

  localisable_resource_file =  STRING_r_helloworldbasic_loc_resource_file_1;


This RESOURCE definition contains the non-localizable properties of the HelloWorldBasic application, where

  • HelloWorldBasic is the name of the application executable

  • STRING_r_helloworldbasic_loc_resource_file_1 contains the value \\resource\\apps\\HelloWorldBasic in all rls files. This is the location of the HelloWorldBasic resource files.

  • R_HELLOWORLDBASIC_LOCALISABLE_APP_INFO is the identifier for the resource declared in helloworldbasic.rss that contains the short caption, caption, and icon information

  • KAppNotEmbeddable indicates that HelloWorldBasic is not embeddable

  • KAppDoesNotSupportNewFile indicates that HelloWorldBasic does not support new files