Managing resource files

In the Symbian platform, resource files are used to define UI components such as status panes, CBA (Control Button Area) buttons, menu bars, views, dialogs, strings, and constants used in applications. The UI components consist of data structures that are defined in resource files. These data structures are then invoked from the classes controlling the UI implementation. When UI component implementation is split into these two approaches, it means that resources can be recompiled, for example for new languages, without having to recompile the application code (unless you change the resource identifiers).

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For demonstration purposes, the sections on resources contain examples with arbitrary values. In your own code, it is recommend that you use a system of easy to remember value names.

For an introduction to the UI, see UI concepts.

For more information on resources, resource files, and their use in the Symbian platform, see Resource Files.

This section explains the following: