Precompiled resource values available from the Symbian platform

The Symbian platform provides a generated resource header file that contains symbolic IDs to resources in the Symbian platform for use in your code. The file with the symbolic IDs is the avkon.rsg file and it is in the ./epoc32/include folder. The file contains commonly used resource structures for your resource file declarations.

A common example is the R_AVKON_SOFTKEYS_OPTIONS_EXIT symbolic ID, which maps to the CBA resource that results in the softkeys Options and Exit. The Options softkey is bound to a command that results in the application framework opening the options menu based on the MENU_PANE resource. The Exit softkey returns the EAknSoftkeyExit command, which would need to be handled in the appropriate place for command handling in your application architecture.


The Symbian platform enumerations are in the avkon.hrh file, which is in the /epoc32/include folder.

In general, you can map the commands returned from the CBA options by comparing the names of the symbolic IDs to the symbolic names in the enumerated list.

Other symbolic IDs for other purposes are also available in the avkon.rsg file.

When the precompiled resources fit the needs of your application, you can use them to access already existing resource structures.

For examples of how these symbolic IDs are used, see