Using precompiled CBA button resources

To define resources for a precompiled CBA button option:

  1. Determine the CBA button requirements of your application.

  2. Declare cba = precompiled symbolic ID in avkon.hrh in the EIK_APP_INFO or AVKON_VIEW resource. where precompiled symbolic ID in avkon.hrh is an enumerated value in the avkon.hrh file delivered with the SDK and in the ./Epoc32/include folder. An example is as follows:

        menubar = r_value_menubar;

    In this case, Options and Exit appear above the softkeys at runtime.

    The Options softkey is bound to a command that results in the application framework opening the options menu based on the MENU_BAR resource. The Exit softkey returns the EAknSoftkeyExit command, which would need to be handled in the appropriate place for command handling in your application architecture. Note that the Symbian platform enumerations are in the avkon.hrh file. In general, you can map the commands returned from the CBA options by comparing the names of the symbolic IDs to the symbolic names in the enumerated list.

  3. If required, handle the commands caused by the selection of a CBA option in your application.