MWsDisplayPolicy Class Reference

class MWsDisplayPolicy : public MWsObjectProvider

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GetSizeModeConfiguration(TInt, TDisplayConfiguration &, TRect &)

TInt GetSizeModeConfiguration(TIntaScreenSizeMode,
TDisplayConfiguration &aConfig,
TRect &aSizeModePosition
)const [pure virtual]

Determine the display configuration and application rendering extent to use for a given screen size mode.

The Window Server uses this function when a request to change to a new screen size mode or new display configuration is made by a client. The display configuration passed in may be partially filled, and the combination of the defined entries in it and the requested screen size mode values shall be used to define the rest of the configuration and new application extent to be used.

Only undefined entries in the configuration may be set by this function. Entries already defined must retain the same values. If the combination of defined entries and size mode values is not acceptable to the implementer, the function shall return KErrArgument.

If the function returns KErrNone, the Window Server shall set the returned display configuration, notify render stages of the new application extent and change to use the screen size mode. If either this function returns EFalse or the call to set the display configuration fails for any reason (such as KErrNoMemory, for example), then no further changes are made.

MWsScreenConfigList MWsDisplayMapping


TInt aScreenSizeModeThe requested screen size mode. If static, the size in pixels, size in twips, and the rotation must be respected. If dynamic, only the rotation must be respected.
TDisplayConfiguration & aConfigThe requested display configuration on input, the required configuration on return. Only undefined entries may be set.
TRect & aSizeModePosition


voidNewAppModesAvailable()[pure virtual]

Notification from the Window Server that the application size mode list has been updated.


voidSetLastAppMode(TIntaMode)[pure virtual]

Sets the application mode resumed to after a display is connected again after a disconnect.


TInt aModeThe application mode.


TInt SuitableAppMode(TDisplayStatusaSituation)[pure virtual]


TDisplayStatus aSituation

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Enum anonymous


KUidWsDisplayPolicy = 0x102869FA
ETypeId = KUidWsDisplayPolicy
EWsObjectInterfaceId = KUidWsDisplayPolicy

Enum TDisplayStatus


EDetach = 0