Pop-up windows

Certain UI components are displayed within pop-up windows. A common characteristic for all these components is that they are temporary states This means that typically back stepping from one state to the previous state does not lead into pop-up windows; they are skipped.

Table 1. Pop-up components
Component Description

Options menu

The commands and options that are available in the current context can be accessed via the Options menu. It is displayed as a list in a pop-up window.


A query is a component where the software requests user input. All query components are displayed in pop-up windows. They consist of a prompt (possibly containing a graphical element) and some kind of an input component. Various types of queries exist:

  • A Confirmation query has either one or two possible input values, given by using the softkeys.

  • A List query has a limited number of possible input values, and the user selects one from a list.

  • A multi-selection List query has a limited number of possible input values, and the user can select zero, one or more of them in one pass.

  • A Data query contains an input field for a numeric or alphanumeric value that the user can edit.


A note is a feedback component that informs the user about the current situation. They contain a text and possibly a graphical element, and their layout is similar to a Confirmation query. However, the softkey labels do typically not exist, as notes do not require user input and by default they disappear within a time-out.

Soft notification

Soft notifications are reminders that inform the user of events that have typically occurred during the user's absence. Soft notifications can only be seen in the Idle state, and the user can acknowledge them. There are two types of soft notifications; the layouts resemble those of Confirmation queries and List queries:

  • A single soft notification contains one notification.

  • A grouped soft notification contains a number of information items presented as a list, and a title text common to all of the items.

Call window

Incoming calls and outgoing calls are presented in pop-up windows.

Using pop-up windows in C++ applications

For implementation information on the pop-up window components, see: