Pop-up is a secondary window that is initiated to allow users to perform a task that supports the primary task in the main window or the application. It can contain panes, text, graphics, controls such as checkboxes, radio buttons, or sliders and one or more action buttons to confirm the completion or cancellation of the task to be completed.

For details on softkeys for pop-ups, refer to Control pane with pop-up.

Tactile: Opening and closing pop-ups differs with respect to tactile feedback:

  • Preview pop-up, stylus scrolling pop-up, tooltip and discreet pop-up do not have any feedback when opening or closing.

  • Slider and volume pop-up, and universal indicator have pop-up effect when opening and closing, irrespective of whether the theme effects are ON or OFF.

  • Task swapper, context-specific options menu, submenu and options menu have normal pop-up effect when opening and closing if the theme effects are OFF. If they are ON, then increasing long touch is used when opening and pop-up close effect when closing.

  • Stylus pop-up menu, which opens via long touch, provides only the increasing long touch effect during the touch down and hold event. It does not provide additional pop-up effect when the menu opens.

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