Universal indicator pop-up

Universal indicator pop-up is touch-only component. It is activated by tapping the universal indicators or the digital clock. It always includes battery and connectivity indicators and digital clock. For each visible universal indicator, there is one row reserved in the pop-up for displaying the icon and the description text. Hence, the user can view the indicator displayed in the Universal Indicator pane. The description text also informs the current status and/or it may be a link to a view in corresponding application. For example, by tapping the text “3 new messages” opens the relevant view from the messaging application, tapping “Bluetooth active” switches view to the Bluetooth settings. Content of the row is determined by the application originating the indicator.

Figure 1. Universal indicator pop-up

Table 1. Default touch events in Universal indicator pop-up

User action

State change


Touch down and release in Universal indicator pop-up area (anywhere except on link).

No change.

Note: The ’information area’, which is plain text, has no touch interaction.

Tactile: No effect

Touch down and release on function link

Performs appropriate action. The ’activation area’ (= link) works with touch down and release.

Highlight is shown on touch down and it disappears on release.

Tactile: Sensitive button effect and audio given with touch down event. No effect on touch release.

Touch down and release outside Universal indicator pop-up

Dismisses pop-up, but no ’underlying’ action is performed.

Touch down, move and touch release outside the status indicator area cancels any action.

Tactile: Pop-up effect when opening and closing, irrespective of the theme effects being ON or OFF.