Creating System Utility Policy plug-in

System Utility Policy plug-ins in the SSM Utility Server are intended to monitor some property of the system. It is used by the SSM for efficient handling of a system property change.

MSsmUtility is an API which allows customization of the behavior of the SSM Utility Server. The MSsmUtility interface is used for plug-ins in the SSM Utility Server to monitor the device.

Follow the steps given below to create a SUP plug-in:

  1. Define a class that implements MSsmUtility interface.

  2. Export the static method to create new System Utility Policy plug-in as shown in the code snippet:
    EXPORT_C MSsmUtility* CLafShutdownEventObserverAdaptor::NewL()
        CLafShutdownEventObserverAdaptor* self = new (ELeave) CLafShutdownEventObserverAdaptor();
        return static_cast<MSsmUtility*>(self);
    The code returns a new plug-in object for SUP plug-in.

The System Utility Policy plug-in is created.