Running the NetPerf Test Suite Tutorial

This topic describes how to run the NetPerf test suite.

Before you start, you must:

  • Understand the NetPerf configuration, Test Controller PC, and Device Under Test (DUT).

  • Understand the Communications Framework.

The NetPerf master script controls the complete test process from the Test Controller PC. The master script and other related files are created in %EPOCROOT%epoc32\tools\netperf\bin. The Master script is designed to automate the test progress. When the master script is run for the first time, it assists with building and configuring the necessary software for the DUT. By using the run parameter, the subsequent tests can be run without rebuilding the script.

When the test is run for the first time, use the interactive option. In interactive mode the master script generates the configuration files for the target system and the tools. The script informs the users that all the test script files are generated. This information enables the user to prepare for DUT. The test can be continued only if DUT is ready.

The command line for the master script has the following structure: [<inifile>] <target> [run] [interactive]


  • inifile – is the configuration file created by the Test Script Configuration. The default script file name is netperf.ini.

  • target – specifies the type of DUT: emulator, development board H2 or H4 hardware reference board or device a mobile device.

  • run – If specified, runs the test script without building test files.

  • interactive – If specified, prompts the user to prepare the target with the generated files, before running the tests.

  1. The test can be run in two modes.
    1. Automatic or Supervised Test - the Test Controller PC connects to the DUT, transfers the test to be run over to the DUT and starts each stage of the test.

    2. Semi-Automatic or Unsupervised Test - the Test Controller PC builds a test script for the DUT to use, and then pauses while the user copies the script across the DUT. The user uses a memory card to transfer the data than FTP and other methods. The tests are run on the DUT, and the results are copied back to the Test Controller PC, on a memory card or other medium. The Test Controller PC master script then resumes and processes the results.

  2. If the master script runs in interactive mode, it waits for the user confirmation. After confirmation, it builds the necessary software and configures the devices.
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