EmailInterface::CEmailObserverPlugin Class Reference

class EmailInterface::CEmailObserverPlugin : public CBase

Class that client of this interface user instantiates

Inherits from

  • EmailInterface::CEmailObserverPlugin

Constructor & Destructor Documentation


~CEmailObserverPlugin()[inline, virtual]


Member Functions Documentation


MEmailData &EmailDataL()[pure virtual]

Accessor for data that needs to be published Plugin must implement this. When client calls this, plugin must ensure that all necessary data is accessible/updated

NewL(TUid, MEmailObserverListener *)

CEmailObserverPlugin *NewL(TUidaImplUid,
MEmailObserverListener *aListener
)[static, inline]



TUid aImplUidimplementation identifier used by the ECOM framework
MEmailObserverListener * aListenercallback interface provided by the client/instantiator. Plugin should call this when it wants the widget data to be updated

Member Data Documentation

TUid iDtor_ID_Key

TUid iDtor_ID_Key[private]

Unique instance identifier key