asshddefs.h File Reference

const TInt KMaxAlarmMessageLength

const TIntKMaxAlarmMessageLength

Maximum length of an alarm message. The message is usually displayed by the alarm UI.

const TInt KMaxAlarmSoundNameLength

const TIntKMaxAlarmSoundNameLength

Maximum length of the filename of the sound played when an alarm expires.

Typedef TAlarmId

typedef TInt TAlarmId

A unique identifier allocated to each new alarm by the alarm server, so that the client can identify them. By default, KNullAlarmId.

Typedef TAlarmCategory

typedef TUid TAlarmCategory

A unique identifier that can optionally be used by clients to group alarms into categories, for instance alarms associated with a particular application or application engine. The alarm server ignores the category. It is relevant to the client alone.

Typedef TAlarmCharacteristicsFlags

typedef TBitFlags8 TAlarmCharacteristicsFlags

Flags that define an alarm's characteristics.


Typedef TDeleteType

typedef TInt TDeleteType

A type to identify what kind of alarms should be deleted when using the API RASCliSession::AlarmDeleteByCategory() TTDeleteTypeEnum

Typedef TAlarmMessage

typedef TBuf< KMaxAlarmMessageLength >TAlarmMessage

Stores the text message associated with an alarm.

Typedef TAlarmSoundName

typedef TBuf< KMaxAlarmSoundNameLength >TAlarmSoundName

Stores the name of a sound file which is played when an alarm activates.

const TAlarmId KNullAlarmId

const TAlarmIdKNullAlarmId

Defines a null alarm identifier.

const TInt KDefaultSoundPlayOffsetInSeconds

const TIntKDefaultSoundPlayOffsetInSeconds

Defines the length in seconds of an alarm sound offset.

const TInt KDefaultSoundPlayDurationInSeconds

const TIntKDefaultSoundPlayDurationInSeconds

Defines the length in seconds of an alarm sound duration.

const TAlarmCategory KASCliCategoryClock

const TAlarmCategoryKASCliCategoryClock

A category that can be assigned to identify clock alarms to the client. The server does not distinguish between alarm types.