SysLibs Test Technology Area Scope

The SysLibs test technology area scope provides an overview about the test technology area, its coverage, how to set up the test environment, and how to interpret test results.

Components under test

The SysLibs subsystem is a collection of low-level components that are widely used by other subsystems of the Symbian platform. The SysLibs test suite tests the ECom component.

Test Scope

Published API testing

This technology area provides a number of test suites to test published APIs; that is APIs that Symbian identify as PublishedAll and are documented in the Symbian platform Library. These test suites can be used as a regression test suite and also as part of a compatibility testing program.

Test omissions

The ECom test product tests only one plug-in implemented by the Symbian platform as an example plug-in.


For support issues related to this Test Suite description and issues to running the tests, test pass rates, and potential defects, contact Symbian or your SDK provider. In most instances this will be either through the Symbian technical consulting teams, the SDK provider forums or via the developer area of Symbian website.

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