Building and Running the Tests

The SysLibs test suite has hierarchical structure that enables you to build and run the complete test suite or part of it.

The following illustrates the SysLibs TestDriver test suite structure.

<Technology Area>-SysLibs

Note: This structure can be seen in the path, %EPOCROOT%\epoc32\testdriver\testproduct, after building the test suite

The For example, if the path specified is:

  • <syslibs> - The entire suite is built or run.

  • <syslibs.ecom> - All the suites below ECom are built or executed.

  • <syslibs.ecom.SYSLIB-ECom-PublicAPI-suite> - Only SYSLIB-ECom-PublicAPI-suite is built or executed.

Note: The SysLibs test suite contains only one component level test suite (ECom test suite) and the ECom test suite contains only one test script. This means that all 3 test suite paths in the example above have the same effect. you can refer to SysLibs testdriver test suite structure for test suite names and paths.