CFileDetailsPluginIF Class Reference

class CFileDetailsPluginIF : public CBase

ECom plugin interface definition.

Inherits from

  • CFileDetailsPluginIF

Constructor & Destructor Documentation


~CFileDetailsPluginIF()[inline, virtual]


Member Functions Documentation


CFileDetailsPluginIF *NewL()[static, inline]

Construction method.

ShowFileDetailsL(const CMPXMedia &)

voidShowFileDetailsL(const CMPXMedia &aMedia)[pure virtual]

Shows file details based on given mpx media


const CMPXMedia & aMedia

Member Data Documentation

TUid iDtorIDKey

TUid iDtorIDKey[protected]

Instance identifier key. When instance of an implementation is created by ECOM framework, the framework will assign UID for it. The UID is used in destructor to notify framework that this instance is being destroyed and resources can be released.