MXIMPFeatureInfo Class Reference

class MXIMPFeatureInfo : public MXIMPBase

Interface for XIMP feature info object.

Improve comments: Container used to present either XIMP Framework, Presence Protocol or Presence Context features.

S60 v3.2

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation


~MXIMPFeatureInfo()[inline, virtual]

Public destructor. Objects can be deleted through this interface.

Member Functions Documentation


const MDesC8Array &FeatureIds()const [pure virtual]

Gets the list of feature IDs.

HasFeatureId(const TDesC8 &)

TInt HasFeatureId(const TDesC8 &aFeatureId)[pure virtual]

Checks has the MXIMPFeatureInfo object the given feature ID or not.


const TDesC8 & aFeatureIdThe feature ID which status to check. XIMP Framework feature IDs are defined in NXIMPFeature namespace.