CPbkSingleEntryFetchDlg Class Reference

class CPbkSingleEntryFetchDlg : public CBase

Phonebook Single Entry Fetch API. This class is used to construct a Phonebook UI dialog where the user is able to select a single contact entry from a contact list. The user selection is then returned to the client.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CPbkSingleEntryFetchDlg(TParams &)

CPbkSingleEntryFetchDlg ( TParams & aParams ) [private]


TParams & aParams


~CPbkSingleEntryFetchDlg ( )

Destructor. Also cancels this dialog and makes ExecuteLD return.

Member Functions Documentation


void ConstructL ( ) [private]


IMPORT_C TInt ExecuteLD ( )

Executes this dialog. NOTE: this object is deleted when ExecuteLD returns or leaves! NOTE: current status pane layout is replaced with the Phonebook one. Restoring the original pane is left to be the responsibility of the caller.

NewL(TParams &)

IMPORT_C CPbkSingleEntryFetchDlg * NewL ( TParams & aParams ) [static]

Creates a new single entry fetch dialog.



TParams & aParams Fetch parameters,


void Panic ( TInt aReason ) [private, static]


TInt aReason

ResetWhenDestroyed(CPbkSingleEntryFetchDlg **)

IMPORT_C void ResetWhenDestroyed ( CPbkSingleEntryFetchDlg ** aSelfPtr )

Sets *aSelfPtr to NULL when this dialog is destroyed. !aSelfPtr || *aSelfPtr==this


CPbkSingleEntryFetchDlg ** aSelfPtr

SetMopParent(MObjectProvider *)

IMPORT_C void SetMopParent ( MObjectProvider * aParent )


MObjectProvider * aParent

Member Data Documentation

CContactViewBase * iContactView

CContactViewBase * iContactView [private]

TBool * iDestroyedPtr

TBool * iDestroyedPtr [private]

CPbkFetchDlg * iFetchDlg

CPbkFetchDlg * iFetchDlg [private]

MObjectProvider * iObjectProvider

MObjectProvider * iObjectProvider [private]

CPbkContactEngine * iOwnPbkEngine

CPbkContactEngine * iOwnPbkEngine [private]

TParams & iParams

TParams & iParams [private]

CPbkContactEngine * iPbkEngine

CPbkContactEngine * iPbkEngine [private]

CPbkSingleEntryFetchDlg ** iSelfPtr

CPbkSingleEntryFetchDlg ** iSelfPtr [private]