Editing media files

You can use the MVS to edit media files (or "clips"). You can either crop a newly recorded file before saving it, or specify that only a portion of a saved file should play.

Cropping a file

You can crop a file - remove a specified number of seconds from the beginning or end of a file open for record - before saving it.

Note: The audio or video cropped is deleted from the file and cannot be retrieved.

To crop a file:

  1. In the Edit menu, click SetCropWindow . The Crop This Clip dialog box is displayed.

  2. Select the position of the Crop : offset from either the beginning or the end of the clip.

  3. Enter the Cropping Point : the offset in seconds.

  4. Click Crop! to crop the clip.

Selecting a portion of a file to play

Before you play a media file you can specify that you want to play only a portion of it.

To select a portion of clip for playing:

  1. In the Edit menu, click Set PlayWindow . This displays the Set PlayWindow dialog box.

  2. Enter the Start and End times of the portion in milliseconds.

  3. Click OK to confirm the clip length.

    When you play the clip, only the selected portion is played.

Clearing a selected portion

To set the portion to play back to its original value (entire clip): from the Edit menu, click ClearPlayWindow .