MESMRUrlParserPlugin Class Reference

class MESMRUrlParserPlugin

MESMRUrlParserPlugin defines the interface for Location URL Parser

Constructor & Destructor Documentation


~MESMRUrlParserPlugin ( ) [protected, inline, virtual]


Member Functions Documentation

CreateGeoValueLC(const TDesC &)

CCalGeoValue * CreateGeoValueLC ( const TDesC & aUrl ) [pure virtual]

Converts valid location URL to vCal GEO value. May leave with KErrNotFound/KErrArgument or other Symbian wide errorcode


const TDesC & aUrl location URL to convert

CreateLandmarkFromUrlL(const TDesC &)

CPosLandmark * CreateLandmarkFromUrlL ( const TDesC & aUrl ) [pure virtual]

Creates landmark object from location URL


const TDesC & aUrl contains location URL from which landmark is created

CreateUrlFromLandmarkL(const CPosLandmark &)

HBufC * CreateUrlFromLandmarkL ( const CPosLandmark & aLandmark ) [pure virtual]

Creates location URL from landmark object


const CPosLandmark & aLandmark contains landmark object that is parsed to location URL

FindLocationUrl(const TDesC &, TPtrC &)

TInt FindLocationUrl ( const TDesC & aText,
TPtrC & aUrl
) [pure virtual]

Finds location URL from given text input


const TDesC & aText text where URL is searched from
TPtrC & aUrl points to founded URL after execution