CFscContactActionMenu Class Reference

class CFscContactActionMenu : public CBase

Contact Action Menu API. Defines an ECom interface for the Contact Action Menu.

S60 3.1

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation


~CFscContactActionMenu ( ) [inline, virtual]


Member Functions Documentation


void Dismiss ( TBool aSlide ) [pure virtual]

Dismiss menu Menu gets closed if it was visible when the method was called. Otherwise method call does not do anything


TBool aSlide If ETrue menu slides away from the screen. Otherwise it disappears instantly

ExecuteL(TFscContactActionMenuPosition, TInt, MFsActionMenuPositionGiver *)

TFscActionMenuResult ExecuteL ( TFscContactActionMenuPosition aPosition = EFscCenter,
TInt aIndex = 0,
MFsActionMenuPositionGiver * aPositionGiver = 0
) [pure virtual]

Execute Action Menu ExecuteL opens Action Menu with current item set. Method is synchronous and it will return when Action Menu is closed.


TFscContactActionMenuPosition aPosition = EFscCenter Vertical position where menu is to be openned
TInt aIndex = 0 Index of focused/highlighted item when menu is opened
MFsActionMenuPositionGiver * aPositionGiver = 0


CFscContactActionMenuItem & FocusedItem ( ) [pure virtual]

Return selected menu item object.


TInt FocusedItemIndex ( ) [pure virtual]

Return index of highlighted item


MFscContactActionMenuModel & Model ( ) [pure virtual]

Return a reference to Action Menu's model

NewL(CFscContactActionService &, TFscContactActionMenuMode, TBool)

CFscContactActionMenu * NewL ( CFscContactActionService & aService,
TFscContactActionMenuMode aMode = EFscContactActionMenuModeNormal,
TBool aOpenedFromMR = EFalse
) [static, inline]

Two-phased constructor.


CFscContactActionService & aService Reference to Contact Action Service.
TFscContactActionMenuMode aMode = EFscContactActionMenuModeNormal Menu mode In EFscContactActionMenuModeNormal mode Action Menu works like a normal modal dialog. In EFscContactActionMenuModeAI mode number key events close the menu without consuming the events. AI Mode is intended to be used in Active Idle when it must be possible to start an emergency call while Action Menu is open
TBool aOpenedFromMR = EFalse


void SetOpenedFromMR ( TBool aOpenedFromMR ) [pure virtual]

Set whether or not the menu is opened from meeting request.


TBool aOpenedFromMR ETrue, if the menu is opened from Meeting request.

Member Data Documentation

TUid iDtor_ID_Key

TUid iDtor_ID_Key [private]

iDtor_ID_Key Instance identifier key. When instance of an implementation is created by ECOM framework, the framework will assign UID for it. The UID is used in destructor to notify framework that this instance is being destroyed and resources can be released.