CVersitRecurrenceWeekly Class Reference

class CVersitRecurrenceWeekly : public CVersitRecurrence

Defines a list of days when a 'weekly' recurrence is to be repeated.

Used by a repeating event (a vCalendar event or to-do) to define when it is to occur. The days on which the event occurs are identified by the number of weeks between repeats and the day(s) of the week on which the event occurs, e.g. on Monday every other week.

A pointer to this object may be owned by a CParserPropertyValueRecurrence object.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CVersitRecurrenceWeekly(TInt, TInt, TVersitDateTime *, CWeekDayArray *)

IMPORT_C CVersitRecurrenceWeekly ( TInt aInterval,
TInt aDuration,
TVersitDateTime * aEndDate,
CWeekDayArray * aArrayOfWeekDayOccurrences

Constructs the CVersitRecurrenceWeekly object.

Initialises the interval, the duration, optionally, an end date for the repeat and, optionally, a pointer to an array of the days of the week on which the repeat event occurs. Sets the repeat type to EWeekly.


TInt aInterval The number of weeks between repeats.
TInt aDuration The duration, in weeks, for which the event should recur. A value of zero indicates the repeat should continue forever.
TVersitDateTime * aEndDate Pointer to the end date for the repeat. The object takes ownership of this pointer.
CWeekDayArray * aArrayOfWeekDayOccurrences Array of the days of the week on which the repeat event occurs. The object takes ownership of this pointer.


IMPORT_C ~CVersitRecurrenceWeekly ( )

Frees all resources owned by the object, prior to its destruction.

Member Functions Documentation

ExternalizeOccurrenceListsL(RWriteStream &)

IMPORT_C void ExternalizeOccurrenceListsL ( RWriteStream & aStream ) const [virtual]

Writes the codes for the days of the week on which the event occurs (e.g. "TU TH") to the outgoing stream, aStream.


RWriteStream & aStream The stream to which the occurrence list is to be written.

Member Data Documentation

CWeekDayArray * iArrayOfWeekDayOccurrences

CWeekDayArray * iArrayOfWeekDayOccurrences