CMsgInfoMessageInfoDialog Class Reference

class CMsgInfoMessageInfoDialog : public CBase

Class which displays a message info dialog for particular message types

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation


CMsgInfoMessageInfoDialog ( ) [private]


~CMsgInfoMessageInfoDialog ( )


Member Functions Documentation

AddToqueryDialogBuf(HBufC *, const TDesC &, const TDesC &, TBool)

void AddToqueryDialogBuf ( HBufC * aQueryDialogBuf,
const TDesC & aLabelText,
const TDesC & aFieldText,
TBool aFirstItem
) const [private]

Add label string and fiels string to buffer string aQueryDialogBuf. This buffer string is shown in query dialog after all label and filed strings are inserted to buffer string.


HBufC * aQueryDialogBuf
const TDesC & aLabelText
const TDesC & aFieldText
TBool aFirstItem


void ConstructL ( ) [private]

Symbian OS constructor.

ConstructLabelStrAndCalculateNeededSpaceLC(TInt, const TPtrC &, TInt &, const CEikonEnv *)

HBufC * ConstructLabelStrAndCalculateNeededSpaceLC ( TInt aLabelResourceId,
const TPtrC & aFieldText,
TInt & aNeededSpace,
const CEikonEnv * aEikonEnv
) const [private]

Construct label string and calculate how much space label string and field string and extra marks need and add this needed space to "aNeededSpace" parameter.


TInt aLabelResourceId
const TPtrC & aFieldText
TInt & aNeededSpace
const CEikonEnv * aEikonEnv

DoNumberConversion(HBufC *, TPtrC &)

void DoNumberConversion ( HBufC * aFieldString,
TPtrC & aFieldData
) const [private]

Convert between arabic-indic digits and european digits based on existing language setting. So it'll convert any digit from the string to use either european digits or arabic-indic digits based on current settings.


HBufC * aFieldString
TPtrC & aFieldData

ExecuteLD(TMsgInfoMessageInfoData &, TMessageInfoType)

IMPORT_C void ExecuteLD ( TMsgInfoMessageInfoData & aFieldData,
TMessageInfoType aType

Show the message info dialog.


TMsgInfoMessageInfoData & aFieldData
TMessageInfoType aType

GetFormattedTimeAndDateStringsL(TTime &, TDes &, TDes &, const CEikonEnv *)

void GetFormattedTimeAndDateStringsL ( TTime & aUTCtime,
TDes & aDateBuf,
TDes & aTimeBuf,
const CEikonEnv * aEikonEnv
) const [private]

Creates formatted date and time strings and return these strings in parameters aDateBuf and aTimeBuf. Function get UTC time in parameter aUTCtime and constructs date and time strings with this UTC time value.


TTime & aUTCtime
TDes & aDateBuf
TDes & aTimeBuf
const CEikonEnv * aEikonEnv

GroupPhoneNumberAndDoLangSpecificNumberConversionL(const TDesC &)

HBufC * GroupPhoneNumberAndDoLangSpecificNumberConversionL ( const TDesC & aFieldString ) [private]

Message info may get phone names and numbers in string which is in form: Timo33 Paajanen44<0505877430>;Simo55 Paajanen66<0505866430> and so on... It must be possible to show this string so that only phone numbers get language spesific number conversion and number groupping. Name parts is displayed as they are in string. So in this example Timo33 Paajanen44 and Simo55 Paajanen66 is shown without lanquage spesific number conversion. Phone numbers 0505877430 and 0505866430 are number grouped and displayed after lanquage spesific number conversion. This method handles parameter string aFieldString this vay and return heap descriptor which contain handled string.


const TDesC & aFieldString


IMPORT_C CMsgInfoMessageInfoDialog * NewL ( ) [static]

Two-phased constructor.

SetInfoArrayL(TMsgInfoMessageInfoData &)

void SetInfoArrayL ( TMsgInfoMessageInfoData & aFieldData ) const [private]

Construct the array of labels and text fields and add it to the listbox model.


TMsgInfoMessageInfoData & aFieldData

SetStringToPointerDescriptor(HBufC *, TPtrC &)

void SetStringToPointerDescriptor ( HBufC * aFieldString,
TPtrC & aFieldData
) const [private]

Set HBufC string to pointer descriptor


HBufC * aFieldString
TPtrC & aFieldData

Member Enumerations Documentation

Enum TMessageInfoType



Member Data Documentation

TMessageInfoType iMessageType

TMessageInfoType iMessageType [private]

TBool iPriorityFeatureSupported

TBool iPriorityFeatureSupported [private]

RConeResourceLoader iResources

RConeResourceLoader iResources [private]