MPbkContactDbObserver Class Reference

class MPbkContactDbObserver : public MContactDbObserver

Interface class for Phonebook contact database observers.

MContactDbObserver CPbkContactChangeNotifier

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation


~MPbkContactDbObserver ( ) [protected, inline, virtual]

Protected destructor. Observers are not destroyed via this interface.

Member Functions Documentation


void DatabaseEventHandledL ( TContactDbObserverEvent ) [protected, inline, virtual]

Called by CPbkContactEngine after HandleDatabaseEventL has been called for all observers. In other words: CPbkContactEngine calls first HandleDatabaseEventL for all its observers and then this function again for all observers. You can think of it as an "all observers have seen aEvent" -notification. This used in Phonebook view activation for now. Default implementation does nothing.


void HandleDatabaseEventL ( TContactDbObserverEvent aEvent ) [protected, pure virtual]

Called by CPbkContactEngine when it receives a database change event. From MContactDbObserver .


TContactDbObserverEvent aEvent The database event.