CContactViewLowRange Class Reference

class CContactViewLowRange : public CContactViewRangeBase

A sub view range with an upper limit only.

This is used by sub views when the range criteria are CContactViewRangeBase::ELessThan or CContactViewRangeBase::ELessThanOrEqualTo .


Inherits from

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CContactViewLowRange(const CContactViewBase &, const TDesC &, TCriteria)

CContactViewLowRange ( const CContactViewBase & aView,
const TDesC & aMatch,
TCriteria aCriteria
) [private]


const CContactViewBase & aView
const TDesC & aMatch
TCriteria aCriteria


~CContactViewLowRange ( ) [private]

Member Functions Documentation

NewL(const CContactViewBase &, const TDesC &, TCriteria)

IMPORT_C CContactViewLowRange * NewL ( const CContactViewBase & aView,
const TDesC & aMatch,
TCriteria aCriteria
) [static]

Allocates and constructs a CContactViewLowRange object.


const CContactViewBase & aView The sub view's underlying view.
const TDesC & aMatch The string to match items against. Only the first character in the string is used.
TCriteria aCriteria The query search condition; either CContactViewRangeBase::ELessThanOrEqualTo or CContactViewRangeBase::ELessThan.


void SetL ( ) [private, virtual]

Sets the iLow and iHigh members.

Member Data Documentation

TCriteria iCriteria

TCriteria iCriteria [private]

TBuf< KMaxBoundaryMatchLength > iMatch

TBuf < KMaxBoundaryMatchLength > iMatch [private]