CContactViewBase::CContactViewBaseExtension Class Reference

class CContactViewBase::CContactViewBaseExtension : public CBase

An extension class that holds member data added in v7.0s.

It was created for binary compatibility purposes.

Inherits from

  • CContactViewBase::CContactViewBaseExtension

Constructor & Destructor Documentation


CContactViewBaseExtension ( ) [private]


~CContactViewBaseExtension ( )

Member Functions Documentation


void ConstructL ( ) [private]


CContactViewBaseExtension * NewL ( ) [static]

Constructs a new instance of the class.

If a plug-in has been loaded, its OpenL() function is called, see CContactViewFindConfigInterface::OpenL() .

Member Data Documentation

TCollationMethod iCollationMethod

TCollationMethod iCollationMethod [private]

TInt iError

TInt iError

A standard error code that is passed to view observers by NotifyObservers() (unless its value is KErrNone).

CContactViewFindConfigInterface * iFindPluginImpl

CContactViewFindConfigInterface * iFindPluginImpl [private]

TUid iFindPluginUid

TUid iFindPluginUid

The UID of the view's find configuration plug-in.

On construction, this is initialised to KNullUid.

The plug-in is loaded when ContactsMatchingCriteriaL() , ContactsMatchingPrefixL() or MatchesCriteriaL() is called.

CViewContactSortPlugin * iSortPluginImpl

CViewContactSortPlugin * iSortPluginImpl [private]

TUid iSortPluginUid

TUid iSortPluginUid

The UID of the view's sort plug-in.