List types

Based on the functionality, the following list categories can be identified:

  • Menu list

  • Selection list

  • Markable list

  • Multi-selection list

  • Setting list

  • Hierarchical list

  • Hierarchical column list

  • Forms

Lists belonging to one category may have different graphical appearances. See List layouts for information about different looking list items.

On the whole, list items and command should not be mixed, but in cases where some command in a list would significantly boost efficiency and user experience, it is perfectly acceptable to add one command onto the list. It is important that there is no more than one command per list, and that the command is placed as the first item on that list.

Using different list types in applications

The APIs to use for lists are the Lists API (for menu, selection, markable, and multi-selection lists) and the Hierarchical lists API (for hierarchical and hierarchical column lists). For implementation information, see Using the Lists API and Using the Hierarchical lists API.

For forms, the API is the Form API. For implementation information, see Using the Form API

For list types other than the hierarchical lists, the flags used to create the different list types in resource files, are described in Listbox types in listbox resource definition.

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