Common Graphics Headers Component Overview

The Common Graphics Headers component contains classes that are used by a number of ScreenPlay components and their clients. The classes are divided between those that relate to surfaces and those that relate to display configuration.

Surface-related classes

Class Description
TSurfaceId Encapsulates the surface ID, which is a 128-bit number that is used to identify a surface within ScreenPlay. See Graphics Composition Collection Overview for more information.
TSurfaceTypes Encapsulates the rendered surface type. See Graphics Surfaces for more information.

Display configuration-related classes

Class Description
MDisplayControlBase Provides common functionality for the display control interfaces in the composition engine, render stages and Window Server client-side API.
TDisplayConfigurationBase The base class for the display configuration hierarchy (shown in the figure below). Defines common facilities for all configurations.
TDisplayConfiguration1 The first collection of display configuration settings.
TDisplayConfiguration The display configuration class for general use. This may be extended by adding a chain of classes between this and TDisplayConfiguration1. If you do this, you must update the TDisplayConfigurationTop typedef.

The following diagram provides an overview of the TDisplayConfiguration hierarchy.

Figure 1. The display configuration hierarchy