TPositionModuleStatusEventBase Class Reference

class TPositionModuleStatusEventBase : public TPositionClassTypeBase

The base class for classes storing position module status events

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Default constructor for TPositionModuleStatusEventBase



Constructor for TPositionModuleStatusEventBase (with events)


TModuleEvent aRequestedEventMaskThe requested events

Member Functions Documentation


IMPORT_C voidDoReset(TIntaSizeOfClass)[protected, virtual]

Method to reset a TPositionModuleStatusEventBase to the 'unknown' state.


TInt aSizeOfClassFunction asserts that aSizeOfClass == sizeof(TPositionModuleStatusEventBase) to ensure DoReset was overridden in derived class.


IMPORT_C TPositionModuleIdModuleId()const

Returns the module ID


IMPORT_C TModuleEventOccurredEvents()const

Returns the events which have occurred


IMPORT_C TModuleEventRequestedEvents()const

Returns the requested events



Method that's called by RPositionServer to reset the TPositionModuleStatusEventBase derived object to it's unknown state.


IMPORT_C voidSetModuleId(TPositionModuleIdaModuleId)

The module ID to set


TPositionModuleId aModuleIdThe module ID to set


IMPORT_C voidSetOccurredEvents(TModuleEventaOccurredEventMask)

The occurred events to set


TModuleEvent aOccurredEventMaskThe occurred events to set


IMPORT_C voidSetRequestedEvents(TModuleEventaRequestedEventMask)

Sets the requested events


TModuleEvent aRequestedEventMaskThe requested events to set


IMPORT_C voidSetSystemModuleEvent(TSystemModuleEventaSystemModuleEvent)

Sets the system event


TSystemModuleEvent aSystemModuleEventThe system event to set.


IMPORT_C TSystemModuleEventSystemModuleEvent()const

Returns The system event type.

Member Enumerations Documentation

Enum _TModuleEvent

Module events


EEventNone = 0

No module event This is the unassigned value and should not be reported or used

EEventDeviceStatus = 0x01

Module event device status Events about the general status of the device. When this type of event occurs, client applications should inspect the value returned by the TPositionModuleInfo::DeviceStatus() method for more information

EEventDataQualityStatus = 0x02

Module Data Quality status Events about the quality of the data a module is able to return. When this type of event occurs, client applications should inspect the value returned by the TPositionModuleInfo::DataQualityStatus() method for more information.

EEventSystemModuleEvent = 0x04

Module System Event System level events about the status of modules. Events of this type indicate when modules have been added or removed from the system. When this event type occurs, client applications should inspect the value returned by TPositionModuleInfo::SystemModuleEvent() to determine which particular event was responsible

EEventAll = EEventDeviceStatus | EEventDataQualityStatus | EEventSystemModuleEvent

All events

Enum _TSystemModuleEvent

Module events


ESystemUnknown = 0

System Unknown This is not a valid state and should never be reported


System Error There are problems using the module. For example, the module may have terminated abnormally. It should not be confused with the module reporting the error EDeviceError via TPositionModuleStatus::DeviceStatus(). That signifies the module itself is up and running - but it may be unable to successful communicate with the hardware


System Module Installed A new positioning module has been dynamically added to the system. To receive this event, the client application must have expressed interest in status notifications from any positioning module. The Id of the newly installed module can be found by calling TPositionModuleStatusEvent::ModuleId().


System Module Removed A positioning module is uninstalled. The Id of the removed module can be found by calling TPositionModuleStatusEvent::ModuleId()

Member Type Definitions Documentation

Typedef TModuleEvent

typedef TUint32 TModuleEvent

defined type for TModuleEvent

Typedef TSystemModuleEvent

typedef TUint32 TSystemModuleEvent

defined type for TSystemModuleEvent

Member Data Documentation

TPositionModuleId iModuleId

TPositionModuleId iModuleId[protected]

The module ID causing the event

TModuleEvent iOccurredEvents

TModuleEvent iOccurredEvents[protected]

A bitmask of the events which occurred

TModuleEvent iRequestedEvents

TModuleEvent iRequestedEvents[protected]

A bitmask of the requested events

TSystemModuleEvent iSystemModuleEvent

TSystemModuleEvent iSystemModuleEvent[protected]

System level module status events