MLbtContainerChangeEventObserver Class Reference

class MLbtContainerChangeEventObserver

MLbtContainerChangeEventObserver is a an observer

S60 v4.0

Member Functions Documentation

TriggerStoreChanged(RArray< TLbtTriggerId > &, TLbtTriggerEventMask, TLbtContainerChangedAreaType, RArray< TUid > &)

voidTriggerStoreChanged(RArray< TLbtTriggerId > &aTriggerIds,
RArray< TUid > &aManagerUids
)[pure virtual]

The method that has to be implemented to obtain events when the trigger store is modified.


To obtain the events, the client will have to set itself as an observer using CLbtContainer::SetChangeObserver()

The client should not block this method for a long time.


RArray< TLbtTriggerId > & aTriggerIdsaList of triggers that were changed. The ownership is NOT transferred to the client. The client will have to delete this after processing the event.
TLbtTriggerEventMask aEventMaskThe type of changes on the triggers. This is a bitmask of CLbtContainer::TLbtTriggerChangeEvent.
TLbtContainerChangedAreaType aAreaType
RArray< TUid > & aManagerUids

Member Enumerations Documentation

Enum TLbtContainerChangedAreaType


ETypeUnKnown = 0x0000
ETypeCircularTriggerChange = 0x0001
ETypeRectangularTriggerChange = 0x0002
ETypeCellularTriggerChange = 0x0004
ETypeHybridTriggerChange = 0x0010
ETypeAll = 0xFFFF